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Where can I find out more about costs?


We offer a no obligation estimate. If you would like a survey of your windows, please either email us, contact via our online form, or call us on 0791 236 1121


What are the benefits of draught proofing sash windows?


There are several benefits such as the elimination of draughts, no more rattles, noise reduction, heat loss reduction which helps reduce your energy bills. We are also pleased to offer a 5 year guarantee.


How does draught proofing improve my sash windows?


A usual sliding sash window has gaps of 3mm around the sashes to enable it to operate. This can create draughts, noise and rattling. Installing a draught proofing system elimates this whilst still allowing smooth running of the sash windows by reducing friction of wood on wood. 



Will I need to replace my exisiting timber windows?


Usually this is not necessary. Many people believe their windows to be in a worse state than they actually are. We strive to refurbish your exisiting windows and view replacement as a last resort.


Should I simply replace my windows with uPVC double glazing?


We believe traditional wooden windows are much more aesthetically pleasing and can add value to your home. They are often seen as desirable given more and more people are looking for properties with period features. 

In addition, well cared for wooden windows will usually outlive their plastic counterparts. You can repair wooden windows, the panes of glass or even change the colour! With plastic, you are stuck with what has been fitted and if you wish to change or indeed if anything fails, it usually means expensive replacement of the whole unit.




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